A fedora is actually not a cap, but a type of felt hat! It’s often confused with other similar hats like trilbies, snap-brim hats, and pork pie hats, but some key features distinguish it:

Fedora features:

  • Soft felt material: Typically made from wool, fur, or animal hides, with a soft and flexible brim.
  • Creased crown: The crown often has a lengthwise crease running down the center and may be pinched near the front on both sides.
  • Mid-to-wide brim: The brim is typically 2-4 inches wide and can be snapped up or down in front and in back.
  • Ribbon or band: Most fedoras have a fabric or ribbon band around the crown.

Key differences from other similar hats:

  • Trilby: The brim of a trilby is narrower and often turned down all the way around.
  • Snap-brim hat: This is a more generic term for hats with brims that can be snapped, and can include fedoras but also other styles.
  • Pork pie hat: This hat has a shorter, round crown and a much stiffer brim that is usually flat all the way around.

So, there you have it! Fedoras are stylish and versatile hats that can be worn with a variety of outfits. Just remember, it’s not a cap, even though it’s sometimes called a “fedora cap.”

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